24Med Canadian Pharmacy

registered at Canada, provides an extensive choice of high quality and affordable medications. Since 1999, we have achieved a reputation of reliable and trusted supplier of licensed medications. Due to the great volume of sales, our prices for the most demanded medications are the lowest among the prices you can see at any other online pharmacy.

Our aim is not to get excess profit from selling medications but we aim at helping the more patients we can and we consider that affordable medications will help them restore their health and stay active all the life. We cooperate with such charity organizations as The Children’s Aid Society, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, American Cancer Society, Inc., the World Wildlife Fund and many others. 5% of profit from each order goes straight to our charity fund and then spent for charity needs. In other words, we try to help people buy affordable medications and at the same time we help people who cannot afford them at all.

This year we have reached the number of 100,000 regular visitors who enjoy all sorts of discounts and sales we provide them with. To achieve our leading positions in the pharmaceutical business, we have done a lot and our services need to be spotless as our online pharmacy is strictly regulated by Health Canada along with scheduled inspections of provincial pharmacy regulators.

Thanks to our great experience and our reliable manufacturers, we have a great number of medications in stock and we can deliver them as soon as possible. If you are interested in the medication which is not featured on our web site, you can easily reach our customer support and leave an inquiry.

Our sales representative will try to find the medication and will notify you on the price and delivery of this medication. If you need any consultation on dosage, uses or interactions of any medication, our licensed pharmacists will provide you with extensive information on the drug.